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Calico Function is organized by Yuki Ato Narayan.

Calico Function's music, although it is funk, is ambient, performs "Electric Ambient Funk Music".

Calico Function's music is called "Native Funk®︎".

You listen to the silence that is in the intense rhythm. 

Yuki Ato Narayan is acid jazz-funk, ambient, Indian classical music player and composer.

The music incorporating Indian classical music Raga is ambient music although it is funk.

Ethnic phrases that are played on intense rhythms, and several intertwined melodies.

The music as one music machine beyonds the higher.




Yuki Ato Naraya @ Calico Function




 Native Funk® by Calico Function 




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Every musician should have a mission in life.

God has sent us to serve people and convey something.

The message of music is freedom within discipline.

We provide the Music to the world.



OEOM Shanti ,LLC

1-6-21 Kasumigaseki-Kita, Kawagoe city, Saitama, 350-1109 Japan

Calico Function